Who We Are

The word “wellspring” is defined as the head or source of a stream that flows with abundance. And just as water from a wellspring is pure and clear, we want our vision, mission and values to be the bedrock of all we do and aspire to.


Changed lives. Strong families. Transformed communities.

A ripple is caused by making a splash. Many of our clients believe they can make no positive impact at all. By engaging with the individual to build self-esteem and dip into their own God-given potential, a splash of hope ripples through the individual and the family. We believe this ripple effect can transform whole communities.


Motivated by Christ’s love, we engage people as they experience and embrace their God-given potential.

Christ is at the core of who we are. We seek to release and be a channel of the love that Jesus, by his example, poured out in abundance. It’s a love that places the good of neighbor above personal interests and engages those on the “outside,” as he did with a woman he met at a well. Because of this meeting, her life, her family and community were transformed.


Our values are the things we must live out – things we must not only believe, but also be. These values help direct our actions and drive our behavior.

  • Christ-centered
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Life